Hello readers! I am Amrita, a restless free spirit always looking for spice in life. A not so typical fun loving Bong, I love to travel, read, write and enjoy the good things of life (not particularly in that order!) And eBong is my brainchild.
From being the best girl in school to having supplement papers in college, I have had experience of both the good and bad. I have previously worked at a paint company, in education sector, software and finally in the banking industry before I understood the reason behind the incessant itch I always felt. And then I started writing. It started from writing journal and then progressively went into full-fledged blogs.
These days, life is a bit difficult. With so many choices and noises, it often becomes difficult to take even the easiest of decisions. I have felt this chaos. Of late, I have started to de-clutter my life, to simplify things around me and make life more meaningful. Believe me, the world is still a very beautiful place even with all the rat race, pollution, global warming etc., only if you believe in yourself.
With ebong, I am simply trying to help others in personal development in terms of mind and money. Being a banker, I have seen closely the problems the middle class usually face in financial matters. Ebong is the place to find those financial solutions.
Problems in matter of money can be solved with planning. But development of mind is not an easy task. I believe in the inherent goodness of every people and a little advice and help can make one realise ones potential. You can realize your dreams and can do anything and everything. In fact, there are many who have done wonderfully well to break their barriers and achieve their dreams. Ebong is also the place to share their stories that can be a source of inspiration for others.
While I am gradually trying to simplify my life, I am also trying to help all those around me. It is an ongoing collaborative process. This blog can also be called an online journal of my life experiences about my tryst with success and failures, both in matters of finance and life. This is also the place where I am going to review financial and technical products. So take a deep breath, calm yourself and welcome to Ebong!
When not blogging and reading, I love to travel and find out about different cultures and people. I am also fond of preparing unusual recipes that I usually experiment with my beloved husband.
In the next few years, I would love to write more, meditate more, laugh more and travel around the world. More than that, I want to help and inspire more and more people to live life fully and without regret.
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