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Our group is registered as Group Theatre. It was registered in the year 2000. In the last 12 years we have performed all over West Bengal, arranged Seminars in various places. We are the only group in Kolkata (may be in West Bengal) who arrange seminar on 10th February each year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Brecht. On that very day we award two theatre personnel -one for his/ her lifetime contribution to theatre, and another theatre personnel who cannot perform now but for his contribution to theatre. In the last ten years we have staged four full length dramas and a few short plays. In the last ten years we have staged drama “Parashmoni” (27 shows), drama “Panya Bithangsa” (10 shows), drama “Nona Raater Gaan” (6 shows) drama “Chayar Pakhi” (6 shows), “Bikalpa” (8 shows) and “Nishkriti” (16 shows). Now we are planning for our new production “Four (4) Hours”.
We have short plays viz. “Probhat Phire Eso” (written by Manoj Mitra -14 shows), “Virus” (written by Mohit Chattopadhyay – 2 shows), “Anugata Nath” (written by Gautam Roy – 2 shows), “Indian Legion” (written by Amal Roy– 6 shows), “Internationalist” (written by Amal Roy – 1 show), “Darpan Sakkhi” (Written by Chandan Basu - 2 shows) and “Bichar Prohosan” (Written by Kabi Basu – 3 shows) . We have performed these dramas in drama competitions all over West Bengal.
We bring out souvenir “Srisikshu” every year, where eminent theatre personalities write regularly. We have also brought out a collection of the best writings in last 10 years named “Balarka
We also perform audio-dramas all over West Bengal. There are a number of CD’s of audio-dramas in the market performed by the members of our organization.
We also teach students of school and colleges through workshop & classes.
We have taken a member in our group from the society who is not coming off a well-to-do family. We are regularly giving financial assistance to the member so that the member finds interest in theatre.
Our members join in different theatrical workshops conducted by other groups. They even perform in other groups. We arrange theatre festival every year since birth.
We have performed in the Theatre festivals organized by Natadha- Howrah, Kathakriti-Kolkata and Paschim Banga Natya Academy.